Getting to know potatoes

Potato is an ancient crop with high economical value, substantial yield and nutrition. It was discovered in South America 13,000 years ago. Potato has many names, Kuntur Warmi is one of them, meaning " An eagle colored woman” and also named after Quwi sullu, meaning "An unborn cavy".

Potato became popular during the 16th century, first in Europe, and then to China during Wanli period of Ming Dynasty.

Healthy Lifestyle

Potato is so nutrious that it alone can almost cover our daily dietary needs. It has no fat and only half the calories comparing to rice and wheat. Potato includes 80% water and the other 20% includes minerals, vitamin, fiber, starch and carbohydrate. Besides, potato contains plenty vitamins such as, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Therefore, eating potato is a wise choice for your healthy lifestyle.

A world-class food

Potato is an optimal crop in solving the sustainable growth issue of world population because of its high fertility and nutrition value.

The United Nations listed potato as the number four main crops, right behind wheat, paddy and corn. Potato is internationally favorable due to its various cooking options.

Landun Xumei’s Potato

A high quality potato is the essence of Landun Xumei’s products.

To ensure highest quality, Landun Xumei Foods puts all of our efforts in potato industry and is devoted to support Chinese agriculture. We use the best quality raw material and are guided by the most sophisticated agronomist.

A good potato has the following characteristics:

· Good shape and length

· Equal distribution of dry matter

· No brown sugar

· Less likely to turn gray

· No disease or flaw

Every potato is unique in its own way

Landun Xumei insists on choosing the most optimal kind of potato for cooking to ensure the highest quality. On material selection, with customers’ preference in mind, we take account into potato texture, taste, cut, color and many other factors.

Russet Burbank

Russet Burbank is originated in the United States. It is suitable for making fried potato products because of its thick skin, durability, high starch content, and low sugar level. It has a short booming season, strong root, dark brown skin, round thick tuber and pure white interior.


Shepody is originated in Canada and later introduced to the United States. It has a 10-20 cm long oval root with white interior and smooth skin. Its dry matter is around 19%-23% with 0.2% sugar level and 80%-85% production yield.

Xumei No.1

Xumei No.1 was introduced in 2013 and has become the most poplar kind of potato to be used in fast food chains. It has a yellow interior, thin skin, rich in dry matter, high production yield and average dormant period.